On tour with Prairie Debut – Nikki Chooi, Timothy Chooi & Philip Chiu

When it comes to exceptional violinists, Canada is resource-rich. To enumerate the high-strung players making waves in the world-wide music community would take more time than I’m comfortable sitting in front of my computer.  

I am happy to be touring for a second time with brothers Nikki and Timothy, two violinists who are carving out unique and notable paths in the musical world.

We had a ton of fun eating and traveling through Ontario and Quebec (I wonder if Timmy has his driver’s license yet…), and I know that we will double-down on the good times in Western Canada.

Thanks to Prairie Debut for giving us this opportunity to perform in your communities!

This tour marks Philip’s second tour selected by Prairie Debut.


Program Description:

Offering audiences with a fresh twist to the typical classical concert, violinists and brothers Nikki and Timothy Chooi, along with pianist Philip Chiu, will perform in many configurations. The program will highlight significant points in history, showcased through the music of such composers as Grieg, Prokofiev, Ravel, and Canadian composer Arcuri. The melodies will span from jazz-influenced classical, to the nationalistic and political commentary of its time. The works selected will simply display the outstanding musicality and technical abilities of this great duo. Brothers Nikki and Timothy are united by a profound understanding and genuine passion for the violin, which renders their musical union extraordinarily rich. They are both talented soloists but their duo playing is special and unique. As the Edmonton Journal states of them, a “beauty of colour and tone, and the Chooi brothers certainly provided that.”