Onstage with Pierre Lapointe

I love pop music.

Phew, glad we got that out of the way.

Classical music has an often-awkward relationship with its popular cousin. We listen to it (those of us who’ll admit it) and dance to it. And while pop artists express great respect and admiration for classical music, the reverse cannot be oft-said.. what a shame. As with classical music, not all written in the genre can be classified as great, good, or even fine, but those who avoid the pop genre outright don’t seem to recognize those nuances.

If you don’t know Pierre Lapointe yet, you may want to check him out. He is an artist that defies a straightforward description. His musical style is more chanson than pop, but clearly greatly influenced by the latter. Pierre is an artist who regularly searches out collaborations with classical artists; his last project with Jean-Willy Kunz, organist of the OSM, was a novel mix of chanson, organ, and theater. We were put in touch by a mutual friend — Pierre was on the lookout for a pianist capable of doing justice to the arrangements of his latest album, music written for electronics and string orchestra reduced for a single piano.


I’m totally stoked to be collaborating with Pierre on his upcoming live show, La Science du Coeur. The same-titled album was released in the beginning of October and is receiving rave reviews (it’s also been topping Billboard charts). I am excited to perform for entirely new audiences, playing some of my favourite P. Lapointe tunes (Je déteste de ma vie, Qu’il est honteux d’être humain) in great arrangements by David François Moreau.

The concert tour starts in the beginning of November, and will take us throughout Quebec and Europe to start. Too many dates to list here, check out his website for more info.