Inaugural Concert @ Le Salon Vert

It’s been my longtime dream to successfully marry food and classical music. I’ve witnessed some attempts veer hard into the esoteric, others presented food and music as separate entities that happen to take place in the same space, and others just didn’t have particularly high quality versions of one or the other. There were numerous other things holding me back: my laziness, my fear of failure, my lack of knowledge of chefs and kitchens, and lack of an appropriate space that would do the project justice.

But then I got lucky. And what luck. I eventually met Sarah Fraser, who was undertaking the project of renovating her family’s farmhouse in Hinchinbrooke, QC, creating a beautifully intimate performance space and a comforting country kitchen. She had similar dreams of creating a space (and was making it happen) that combined food and music. And then I met my now-very-best-friends at Les Deux Singes de Montarvie (one of Montreal’s finest restaurants), Sean Murray Smith and Nada Abou Younes. They are incredible people who create incredible experiences for their customers. Together we have been turning dreams into reality at Le Salon Vert.

I am excited to invite you to the inaugural concert @ Le Salon Vert, Quebec’s first space dedicated to promoting classical music and visual arts, good food, nature and community.


On Oct 16th, I will be joining my friends Nada Abou Younes and Sean Murray Smith from Les Deux Singes de Montarvie (Montreal’s top restaurant on TripAdvisor, and one of the top five restaurants in Montreal according to Gault & Millau) to present an incredible event of gorgeous food and evocative music. The whole team has been working together to make sure that it will be (forgive me) an evening to remember!

You will experience a private concert (the beautifully renovated farmhouse will accommodate 30 attendees only!), with each selection of music paired with dishes inspired by the compositions. Locally-sourced ingredients, wine-pairings, private piano recital, incredible food, etc., etc..

Check out the website to read more about the project from owner/director Sarah Fraser… and then reserve your seats!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

See you on Oct 16th!