Happy New Year!


Wow, my hand looks enormous.


New year, new glasses!

I hope you had a relaxing holiday with all the fixin’s.

The new year ushers in an exciting second half to the 14-15 season, and I will be keeping you abreast of all developments right here! I’m currently in Toronto with Victor Fournelle-Blain and we’ll be performing at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre tomorrow at noon. Victor is phenomenal string player and a stalwart musician. A show not to be missed (but chances are good you’ll miss it… COC’s noon-hour series is consistently packed to the rafters)!

But this isn’t my first gig of the year – that honour belongs to the Fung-Chiu Duo’s concerts for Prairie Debut. We just completed our three-part tour of the Prairies with a final trip through Alberta. We had spectacular receptions at the Shell Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan (named so for its proximity to the Saskatchewan River… which is located in Alberta…), a super visit with the fine folks of Westlock, and a bittersweet finale at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre in Camrose.

And nice as it would be to go back into hibernation following tomorrow’s recital, there’s no time to rest: “A Tribute to Fritz Kreisler” takes off THIS Saturday! There’s still a lot of work for Ewald and I to do on the stage-presentation side of things (props to work out and moustaches to trim) but we cannot wait till we kick things off in Riviere-du-Loup this Saturday night.

Speaking of Fritz Kreisler, I’m sure you’d be interested to know that I spent my Christmas dabbling in the dark arts of graphic design. Having just recorded our Kreisler album kind-of-at-the-last-minute, it was natural that our CD production process would all unfold kind-of-at-the-last-minute. And since no reasonable professional would take such a last-minute gig over the Christmas break, I was stuck with the honour of designing our CD from scratch.

I’m not really entirely sure how it all came together, definitely not without the incredible assistance of Kerry Kavalo and Sebastian Chow, but I’m fairly proud of having learned the absolute-minimum-basics of working with a Photoshop-like program (GIMP – free for Mac!) and having designed this myself!

I did this!

I did this!

Thanks to the good folks over at Duplium for their unwavering support and countless hours spent emailing me and explaining patiently all of the things I did wrong.

I’ll end this post with a preview of our upcoming disc. Please enjoy :)


P.S. Check back soon for news from noncerto about my upcoming solo videos!

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  1. Your hand really does look huge in this photo!
    Ps Listed to the Dvorak with my morning coffee today – beautiful, Phil! (and Ewald :)