Thanks for making your way to the A/V page. I hope you’ll feel your curiosity is rewarded by the audio clips below.  Just click on the big orange PLAY button to start the music!

On the homepage you’ll find a video slider with all 31 noncerto videos that I’ve filmed recently! In case you missed it, you’ll find a few clips below!


The latest audio for my most recent noncerto videos!

This Ravel performance is featured in Philippe Lesage’s documentary-film Laylou. As I didn’t have the budget for an entire orchestra, audio engineer Pouya Hamidi and I created this performance featuring me, accompanied by… me!

The Royal Conservatory Orchestra, Maestra Tania Miller (Victoria Symphony)

One of my favorite piano trios, written by one of my favorite composers, Brahms’ Piano Trio in B major (2nd movement) with Matt Haimovitz and Ian Swensen

Just a beautiful piece by Debussy – from his Études pour piano.