Beethoven Concerto No. 4 in G major

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It’s my pleasure to post this performance of l’Orchestre Intemporel. The brainchild of Point d’arrêt’s Frederic-Alexandre Michaud, this orchestra came together (after months and months of planning, but with only three days of rehearsal) in October to present this stellar concert. The group is comprised of great Quebec/Canadian talent, students and pros, including students of McGill, l’Université de Montreal, and the Conservatoire de musique du Montréal, as well as members of the OSM.

Orchestras that are thrown together don’t usually pan out. It’s an obvious point that it takes considerable time and energy to produce a unified sound and for each section to find their voice. This group defied the odds and did a spectacular job. Led by Frederic-Alexandre, the ensemble produced some incredible moments of beauty (concertmaster Alex Read played chillingly beautiful solos in Scheherazade) and real excitement brewed in Mendelssohn’s Hebrides suite.

I also can’t express enough my appreciation for the orchestra’s work in preparing Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto. It was such a pleasure for me to have the chance to perform this at-times reflective, at-times rollicking piece. Also, performing a concerto is like playing chamber music with a LOT of people at once and it’s pretty baller experience.

There are a lot of great renditions of Beethoven 4 out there; Mitsuko Uchida’s is a prime example. I certainly plan to continue performing this work whenever I can and perhaps one day reach the kind of zen place that Uchida occupies. I was most definitely not zen during this performance; there were many moments of “Whoops, that was a loose definition of the right notes” and “Wow, I am going reeeeal fast here…”

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the performance (warts and all) as much as I enjoyed sharing it with the audience.